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Fighting Spirit 

Martial Arts Club

Wing Chun Martial Arts Club for Fitness and Self Defence Training in Cape Town.


Why learn Wing Chun?

• Wing Chun specializes in close-range combat, essential for Self Defence

• Learn the most efficient techniques to strike and defend

• The system focuses on agile stances and footwork for fast advances in attack or defence

• The system teaches you how to defeat stronger opponents

• The system also teaches you how to defend against multiple opponents 

• Learn to move and pre - position yourself instead of meeting attackers head on

• Train to attack and defend simultaneously

• Learn to control your energy (chi) and focus 

• Attack and defend in a relaxed fluid motion

• Learn movements that result in devastatingly high speed and explosive impact

Functional Self Defence

Learn a Classic Martial Art

But do not be constrained by it, keep your training practical, functional and real 

Learn a unique system of  Defending yourself  in a variety of situations, armed or unarmed attacks.


"The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk"

Marcus Tullius Cicero


About  Fighting Spirit Club

  • We Teach a Vital Life Skill

  • We offer Group Classes,  Private Training and Self Defence Training Workshops

  • Awareness Training is important But what if you have to fight to defend yourself and your family?

  • Surviving is  critical 

  • Training and Learning is an ongoing process

  • Enjoy the journey!

Contact Us

Classes  are at both:

54 Regent Road, Sea Point ,  and  also at

20 Hall Road, Sea Point, Cape Town

Cell: 082 459 4037

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